Osama Saeed



Adobe XD

user interface design for a delivery mobile app

CAB App (UI)

From wireframe black and white wireframe design to high fiditly design landing page

Landing page (UI)

Adobe XD

A Coding Challenge by Frontend-Mentor to translte image to a website

huddle landing page

Live Site Github

Adobe XD

website to display information about SIA the singer

Tribute page

Live Site Github
Adobe XD

android app to track covid-19 cases arount the world, also dispaly information about the virus, Symptoms , Prevention , Myths, FAQ

Covid Tracker Andrpod App

Adobe XD

A Coding Challenge by FreeCodeCamp to build Survey Form Survey Form

Survey Form

Live Site Github

who am i

I'm Osama Saeed Software Engineer, passionate about learning and coding. Experience in Web Development



Used in most of my web-based projects


For styling and animation part in my projects


Take big responsibility to build a professional site


Also known as User Interface design Each project has to do as a design first then the coding, Figma and Adobe XD are my favorites and They are Free


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

+966 50 394 7449